Asbestos Removal

Sky High Brisbane helps remove asbestos from your property in a hassle and stress-free manner. Our certified employees ensure that the process is risk-free and efficient. As we work on your property, expect minimal disruptions to you day to day life from our specialists.


Asbestos was one of the common building materials used in both industrial and commercial buildings in Australia, but it not popular nowadays. Regardless of the industry or property, we can help remove and eliminate all the risks involved. During the process, we work together with other building or property management experts for the best results. We also observe all the safety and health standards.


Your home is a great investment and a basic need for your family. Asbestos removal is a risky process that should only be left to experts. Our team takes full responsibility for the entire job to remove the material completely from your home. We comply with all laid down safety measures during the process and ensure that it is disposed of right after completion.

Andre and the team at Sky High Roofing are very reliable & always on time with their appointments. We had no delays and they were an absolute pleasure to deal with from the start.

Deanna Turner

We love our new roof, looks so much better. Literally looks like the best house on the street now.. No more leaks too! Thanks to Andre and the team for all of your work. Cheers.

Andy Gray

We were concerned about the budget, obviously replacing a roof is an expensive task especially when it's for an investment property. Sky High were able to work out an affordable solution. Thanks guys.

Cindy Thomas

Asbestos risks

Despite that, asbestos has no immediate risks when left intact, trying to remove it by yourself pose great hazards. Asbestos fibres can cause severe health conditions such as asbestosis, lung cancer, benign pleural disease and mesothelioma. Inhaling or handling the material can also cause other severe health issues. At Sky High, all our technicians are thoroughly trained to get rid of all form of asbestos and make your property safe.

Asbestos disposal

Asbestos requires to be disposed of in the stipulated ways. It is not disposed of like other forms of wastes because compromise the health and safety of the general public and all those involved in the process. Asbestos waste in Brisbane must be disposed of in the right way failure to which you might risk jail sentence or fines. We can help you avoid all these problems by disposing of asbestos correctly.

Why choose us?

We are fully licensed by all the authorities to offer asbestos removal services in Brisbane. Our experts help remove the asbestos safely while observing all the laid down codes by the authorities. It does not matter the amount of asbestos in your property; we can help remove and make your home safe. Note that you might be fined if building authorities realise you have asbestos in your property. At Sky High, we help get rid of the material. We offer asbestos removal services both in commercial and residential properties. When our team is working in your property, you enjoy peace of mind knowing you are dealing with a trusted, reputable, fully licensed and insured company. We have a good reputation for the unmatched standards and customer services we offer in all our asbestos removal projects.

Always use a reputable, trusted and licensed removalist

Sky High Roofing holds itself to the highest standards of occupational health and safety. We carry all accreditations and licenses and stand by our reputation for quality work and superior customer service.

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We take pride in working together with the top leaders in the industry who also offer the best service and experience to all our customers.


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