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High quality

The quality of your roof determines the overall quality of your commercial or residential property. It gives the right protection to your business or home. Quality installation is fundamental to ensure durability. Sky High Roofing offers roofing that offers optimal protection for all properties.

Professional knowledge

The way your roof is installed and materials used, determine its quality. The right roofing materials ensure there is no excess pressure or other damages that might occur. Therefore, the roof installation project should be done by roofers with exceptional skills and knowledge. Our roofers are unmatched in terms of roofing expertise they possess.

Vast experience

Sky High has a team with vast experience handling all types of roofing projects. No project is too big or complicated for us; thus, you can be sure to get a long-lasting roof. We install a roof that protects your property against all harsh weather elements.

Offer peace of mind

We ensure you enjoy peace of mind by installing a quality roof with high-level professionalism. With our services, you can be sure you do not face roofing issues, be it installation, renovation or repairs. Sky high team has experts in all type of roofing work; thus, your safety is guaranteed with our services.

Over 12 years in the industry

Commercial Roofing

Sky High roofing offers all kind of roofing services to industrial and commercial properties. With more than 12 years in the business, you can trust us to work on any project at hand. We have a good reputation for our ability to handle large scale commercial roofing projects efficiently. What differentiates us from other companies is that we give a stipulated timeframe to complete any project and adhere strictly to it.

Safety and Reliability Guaranteed

Residential Roofing

At Sky High, we understand that your home is a precious asset that requires high-level protection. Our roofers are committed and dedicated to ensuring that you are fully protected. We give all our clients the best advice on how to secure and improve the integrity of their homes. Our company offers a wide range of tile and metal roofing services to enhance the security needs of your home. We also provide unique roofing repair work that ensures that the problem never arise again. For all emergencies, we are always at standby to help.

Fully Insured Roofing Contractors Brisbane

Sky High is known all over Brisbane for adhering to all set roofing safety standards. Our team follows all the roofing codes and performs a regular inspection on all our projects to ensure safety.

Build following Australian standards

Modular Buildings

We specialise in the production of Modular buildings in collaboration with top manufacturers in the country. Our team offers unmatched building expertise for mining accommodation, commercial site offices, park cabins, and large building complexes. At Sky High, we provide residential, commercial, roof wall and maintenance work with reduced downtime to reduce any form of production loss.

Fully qualified and insured

Roof Restoration

Our team can handle all forms of roof restorations including water blasting, cleaning gutters, roof re-sprays or any other issues that require to be fixed. At Sky High Brisbane, we can help in re-coating using a protective membrane available in several colours to enhance your home appeal and enhance roof safety. We can upgrade the look and value of your home with our restorations.

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