Modular Buildings

Modular building is an affordable construction method for both commercial and residential dwellings.

Modular building on the Brisbane

Get in touch with us to enjoy the best modular roofing materials that include fixings and guttering all available in a wide range of colours.

Improved built time

Compared to conventional buildings, modular one can be completed by around 30 to 50 per cent quicker. They are built through an indoor process that ensures that weather never distracts the process from the start to the end.

Andre and the team at Sky High Roofing are very reliable & always on time with their appointments. We had no delays and they were an absolute pleasure to deal with from the start.

Deanna Turner

We love our new roof, looks so much better. Literally looks like the best house on the street now.. No more leaks too! Thanks to Andre and the team for all of your work. Cheers.

Andy Gray

We were concerned about the budget, obviously replacing a roof is an expensive task especially when it's for an investment property. Sky High were able to work out an affordable solution. Thanks guys.

Cindy Thomas

Building done offsite to avoid inconvenience

In some instances, it is possible to construct modular buildings offsite and brought to your location. They are brought in flat packed panels, thus helping minimise downtime for your business, school or even other activities in your home.

Eco-friendly materials

Modular buildings are eco-friendly meaning they do not have any adverse effects on the environment. They are made through recycled material; the building process is also done in a way that ensures that there is less waste, making the buildings top sustainable option.

Advantages of modular building

The greatest benefit of modular building is that they are fast to construct. They are also 100 per cent recyclable, making them perfect for a wide range of locations in Australia. At Sky High, we apply high quality and durable materials, if maintained perfectly by qualified professionals. We provide clients with a wide range of full roofing services done by trained experts and ensure the proper installation.

Modular buildings are also cost-effective compared to conventional buildings. Note that the design services are included; thus, you do not have to hire an architect, reducing the costs involved. They are also attractive based on the practical and innovative design used in their construction. They are built with high quality and elegant, long-lasting materials, thus add to the overall appeal of your home, business or school. With Bespoke design, the buildings offer high-level flexibility. Whether you need extra space for a school, garden room, studio or office, modular buildings can meet your purpose more effectively. At Sky High, we can construct you modular buildings that meet this purpose amicably.

All your modular requirements met effectively

Our client satisfaction is at the core of all our operations. We supply commercial roofing, roof wall/cladding, residential roofing and maintenance work. As we work, our team ensures we minimise the downtime that causes production loss. All you need to do is to explain to all the specifics that you want your modular building to have and you can be sure that we offer you exactly what you want. We involve you during the construction process from the start to the end to make sure you get fully personalised results.

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