Roof Restorations

For all roofing repairs and restorations in Brisbane, Sky High Roofing is the best option. Our high-quality work is based on vast experience and a good portfolio in the business. With our restoration services, your roof lifespan and look is improved. We also restore and repair Colorbond roofing on both commercial and residential property. Besides, we have good experience in the mining industry.

Commercial and residential roof restorations and repairs

When you are renovating your home, remodelling your business or want more features to protect your family, our team offers the best solution for both modern and conventional roofing types. Our roofers help in repairing or replacing Colorbond and steel. We also help in restoring clay or concrete tiled roofing. As we do tiled roofing restoration, we fix any kind of damage, pressure clean the surface, reseal and recoat using a protective coloured membrane. We offer our clients different styles, either the same as the original colour or make your roof a have a new look.

Gutter replacement, cleaning and repair

Gutter cleaning is essential in improving water drainage minimise fire risk and improve the quality of rainwater. Our team can help in repairing any damage resulting from tear or wear or other forms of damages. Besides, we also do gutter system upgrading and replacement. If you have gutter guards that require fitting, our experts are ready to help. This helps reduce the chance of gutter clogging that can cause damage to your property.

Andre and the team at Sky High Roofing are very reliable & always on time with their appointments. We had no delays and they were an absolute pleasure to deal with from the start.

Deanna Turner

We love our new roof, looks so much better. Literally looks like the best house on the street now.. No more leaks too! Thanks to Andre and the team for all of your work. Cheers.

Andy Gray

We were concerned about the budget, obviously replacing a roof is an expensive task especially when it's for an investment property. Sky High were able to work out an affordable solution. Thanks guys.

Cindy Thomas

Water blasting

Your roof is prone to collecting both industrial and environment materials and pollutant falling on your property. The roof is also exposed to harsh weather elements. At Sky High roofing, we do high-pressure water blasting that helps in removing dirt and dust, air pollutants and other debris. We are committed to ensuring you drink clean water and enhance the durability of your current roof.

Roof respraying

With time your roof will look worn or old. Since it is one of the parts that is highly exposed, it is bound to lose its look fast. Our team can help in respraying your roof give it a fresh look, improve its durability and give it a look that matches your taste and preference. Our roof respraying services help improve the overall appeal of your home and boost its value.

Best Roof Restoration Professionals

Our team can help in::
● Gutter cleaning
● Roof respraying
● Water blasting
● Insurance claims
● Roof replacements
● Environment or accidental damage
● Insulation and others

Our team is dedicated to offering high-quality services at an affordable price. We give a guarantee for all our work which meets the standards set in Australia.

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